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Jewish greens

We offer advice and guidance on issues of importance to Jewish members of the Green Party and the Jewish community as a whole, and intend to be the first port of call within the party for educational purposes about Jews and Judaism.


- offer support to Jewish Green Party members.

- organise community events.

- hope to be a port of call for Jewish organisations outside the Green Party.

- act as an advisory group on shechita (religious slaughter) and the laws of kashrut/kashrus (dietary regulations) within the Green Party.

- raise awareness of Jewish issues, such as genetic conditions specific to Jewish people.

We provide a Jewish voice within a Green Party united against all forms of racism, including antisemitism, and in support of a welcoming, human rights-based approach to both policy and practice.

We will not, however, offer a single position on the topics of antisemitism, Israel-Palestine or Zionism, and will instead seek to provide a range of opinions.